Lady Blue Hockey Drops a Pair, Falling to Brooks School, Tabor

The Lady Big Blue had a disappointing week. They played well but the results were meek. They played against Brooks and Tabor but were unable to grab any wins. It was a 3-2 loss, not winning but scoring twins. All the players agree that they should have taken the day. Brooks is a big rival and they wanted them to pay. It was a hard fought game and then team played very well. Brooks had a lot of talent and a win for Andover would not sell. Andover was able to slip to pass the goalie’s hand; these goals came from Lindsay Moramarco ’06 and lower Julie Wadland. Defensively, the team played strong. Many penalties made the game really long. Brooks put away two of their goals on the power play. Andover could hardly protect against this offense all day. Strong defensive games came from all classes, offensively they just could not put away any goals off of beautiful passes. The coaching staff had hoped for a beat, but Brooks team this year appeared to be elite. The team says the game should have been theirs for the taking; apparently the game was full of fight making. There were many penalties the Andover girls had to play through; against such a good team this was troublesome too. Brooks had a very good net minder in goal. They also had the home rink advantage letting them be the dominating role. Andover dropped this game 3-2. This past Wednesday the Lady Blue was up against Tabor. This game would be another one of labor. Tabor brought its “A game” and came out on fire, Andover did not put forth right away and was too soon to retire. As time went by the game was pretty even, more fans were coming and no one was leaving. It was a great game right down until the buzzer went off, and unlike the Brooks game, this game was not nearly as rough. Going into the third period the game was tied at 2-2, and one more goal would be a win for the Big Blue. The score was 3-2 in favor of Tabor with moments to go, and as Andover pulled their goalie to get the man advantage it left the net solo. Tabor scored making the game 4-2, but Andover was not ready to lose. With 20 seconds left Melissa Tetreau ’06 buried a goal. This gave the team some heart and soul. They played with all they had for all of the time remaining, but were unable to score and Tabor’s 4-3 win was containing. Andover played well and put forth a great attitude. Offense played well and defensively with latitude. They worked the ice up and down, but the defense was unable to keep Tabor down. On the whole, the week was one of learning. Most people have a feeling that next week the tides will be turning. Andover maintains their strong beliefs for the season and will be fighting for two wins next weekday, including a game against NMH today.