CXXVII Takes Over Phillipian, Harwood, Nelson, Howe to Lead

Managing Editor Wes Howe 05 plans to strive to meet the lofty standards of style and panache set by his predecessor, Jenny Wong ’04. Howe reflects, “Jenny is simply the coolest person ever. I shall struggle to find myself in her shadow, but I sincerely believe that I, too, possess the necessary soulful mystique that she brought to her position.” The self-proclaimed “JV Mile Champion of the World” will occupy himself with The Phillipian’s business, photo, and sports operations. Britanny Kaiser ’05 will reign over the photo office with sidekick Emy Gelb ’05. Taking on one of the toughest jobs at The Phillipian, the two have already had to deal with the fact that the developing machine at CVS broke down. Nevertheless, the delay game the pair ample time to stock up on essentials like lip gloss and shampoo. Taking over the News Department are the dynamic duo of Katelyn Foley ’05 and Tyler Hill ’05. The pair has already decided on matching Louis Vuitton organizers to keep track of articles, and looks forward to a shopping spree at the new Lacoste store in the Prudential Center. “I feel like we are leaving the news section in capable hands,” outgoing News Editor Saidi Chen ’04 said. “Even though Tyler Hill has never edited a news article, I’m sure he will fill the large void left by [News Editor] Rohit Acharya ’04. Katelyn, luckily, will follow in my footsteps.” Jane Herzeca ’05 and Cassie Tognoni ’05 are ecstatic about their work as Commentary Editors of Board CXXVII. The rest of the new board is ecstatic about them as well, since Tognoni recently earned her driver’s license and knows the location of every take-out Chinese restaurant in Essex County. Herzeca and Tognoni are joined by official comic artist Billy Doyle ’05. Talented on and off the stage, Andy St. Louis ’05 and Sims Witherspoon ’05 will take over the Arts section with the help of Senior Associate Mary Rockas ’05. St. Louis looks forward to making many improvements to the Arts page that will “make it more enjoyable for readers.” By far the smallest person on Board CXXVI, Sports Editor J.J. Feigenbaum ’04 leaves behind the biggest section. John Hillman ’05, Brendan McManus ’05, and Alison Murphy ’05 (all fall sport captains) will lead The Phillipian’s coverage of Big Blue athletics, along with Senior Associate Mac King ’05. The foursome looks to continue the examples set by Feigenbaum and Kristina Chang ’04, and will stop work promptly at 8:55 p.m. on Wednesday nights in order to make it to Ryley in time to catch the latest episode of “The O.C.” Anthony Green ’05, Nate Scott ’05, and Christian Vareika ’05 will take over the Features section, but the only advice they have gotten from outgoing editor Derrick Kuan ’04 is “Bruce Banner angry! HULK SMASH!” “Though we lose a lot in the insanity of Kuan and the weirdness of Jasper, we make up for it with the incompetence of Anthony and the cynicism of Christian,” Scott said. Last, but certainly not least, the business board has already been hard at work financing the sprawling, Chinese-food consuming, photo developing entity that is The Phillipian. Business Manager Ciarra Schmidt ’05 will work alongside Dan Hoyos ’05 to secure advertisements, while Michael Cardella ’05 and Natalie Ho ’05 will get the opportunity to spend many hours together in the Central Services mailroom. Finally, Parag Khandelwal and Shawn Fu ’05 will strive to maintain The Phillipian’s imposing presence on the World Wide Web as the new technology coordinators.