After 27 Issues, CXXVI Bids Fond Farewell to Newsroom

Winter term at Phillips Academy brings grueling academic assignments, icy paths, and, of course, the changing of the board of the nation’s oldest secondary school newspaper. After hearing of their new positions last Thursday, Board CXXVII will officially take the reins of The Phillipian after this week’s joint issue. Aweek without hours of layout and editing has left many members of Board CXXVI free to reflect on their experiences with the publication. “The Phillipian has changed so much since we took over that our predecessors would barely recognize the paper in its current form,” outgoing Editor-in- Chief Clem Wood ’04 said. He continued, “A renewed commitment to fact-checking, innovative and attractive layout design, and tighter writing has brought our final product to the level I expected to reach with our fantastic staff.” News Director Olivia Oran ’04 echoed Wood’s sentiments. “The Phillipian was fun but it consumed my life. Still, I know that I will miss the paper sorely, so don’t be surprised if you find me in the office quite a bit after this week.” Taking over the positions held by Wood, Oran, and the other members of the outgoing board is a talented group of Uppers committed to continuing the paper’s high standards of quality. As Editor-in-Chief, Elissa Harwood ’05 is excited by the challenges that The Phillipian poses each week. She will look to improve the paper’s production schedule, content, and accuracy in the months ahead. Continuing Oran’s vision of a “News Empire,” News Director Peter Nelson ’05 has already set to work changing the physical appearance of the paper. Readers may notice the new “crawl” at the bottom of page A1, the product of hours of Nelson’s experimentation with different shades of blue. He is convinced that he now knows every shade of Andover’s official color.