Andover Girls Hockey Dominates New Hampton, SPS, Lawrence

The Lady Blue had a strong week of hockey by winning all three of their games, including competition with New Hampton, St. Paul’s School, and Lawrence Academy. It was an offensive week to say the least. The week began with a huge win over New Hampton this past Thursday. The Lady Blue came out on fire and played as an offensive force. The game tallied a total of 64 shots on the goalie. Despite a thorough effort to score, the first period ended with by teams scoreless. The second period took a new life for Andover. Off of a nice shot from Melissa Tetreau ’06, Megan Shea ’07 was able to put away the rebound and start off Andover’s scoring. Late in the second period, Andover struck again as Nicole Crocker ’05 buried one from the slot, as she was assisted by Julie Wadland ‘06 and Marissa Hudson ’04. Andover would refused to finish the period without another key goal. With less than a minute left to play in the 2nd, off of a shot from Shea, and numerous rebound shots by Tetreau, Lauren Seno ’05 put away the goal. Again, junior superstar Shea sniped Andover’s fourth goal halfway through the 3rd period with an assist from Hudson. Needless to say, someone told New Hampton to try harder a little too late. They score with just 0.3 seconds left to play to make the final score 4-1. Goaltender O’Hara Shipe made 15 saves of 16 shots, playing well. Shea dominated the game against St. Paul’s on Saturday by putting away a hat trick as the. Shea started the scoring by shelving a rebound off a shot by Seno minutes into the game. Again Shea sniped off of a rebound from Tetreau’s shot from the slot. Seno came next to make the game 3-0 at the very beginning of the 2nd period off a magnificent pass from Tetreau. Shea topped off her ill game by getting her hat in the third off of a shot from Tetreau and a beautiful tip in out front of the net. Lindsay Moramarco ’06 added the final goal by dishing one in the net with less than a minute left to play in the game with assists from Crocker and Hudson. The girls played their next game this Wednesday against Lawrence Academy, a girls’ hockey power. Did this intimidate the mighty Blue? I think not. Did the fact that one of Lawrence’s players was well over six feet tall matter to the Andover girls? Yes, but they still won. The first period was a hard fought period, but neither team was able to put the puck away, and the period was mostly made up of hard work at both ends of the ice for both teams. Merely 8 seconds into the second period, Crocker buried the first goal of the game. The offensive purge wouldn’t stop there. Seno was able to bury two more goals over the course of this game. A tip-in goal would come from Moramarco off of a bomb from Wadland. Giving Andover four goals, Lawrence could only manage to net two. The game ended with this result and it put the girls hockey team at a 6-5 record, boosting them over .500. Megan Montecalvo ’06 noted, “Yeah well, Brenda still lays down the law as far as I am concerned.” Brenda Jones ’04 along with Montecalvo and Hudson power the Big Blue defense and shutdown Lawrence. They were able to finish very well against Lawrence’s very small goalie. Numerous times the Big Blue was able to shutdown Lawrence on power plays and even a 5 on 3 power play. Tetreau lost an edge during the game and it was a dedicated team effort to get this star back on the ice as soon as possible. With three wins on the week, everyone wants to know their secret. Apparently to get focused for the game, the team plays Candy Land before they hit the ice, a fact that has been admitted by numerous players. For their pre-game warm-up, apparently Britney Spears is the music of choice. In any case the team is pumped about their recent domination and player Montecalvo and goaltender Melissa McDonald ’06 say, “Winning this game, brought faith for the remainder of the season to be able to compete with the top teams in the league.”