Andover Boys Squash Trumps Loomis Chaffee, Led by Wagman

It was another successful set of matches for the Andover Boys Squash team, who added yet another victory to their record. Last Wednesday, the boys squared up against Loomis Chaffee, winning with a score of 5-2. It was the first time ever that Andover had played against Loomis, and the Andover Boys Squash team had little idea of what to expect. With no knowledge of their opponent, the Big Blue was able to adapt to the Loomis players to come in with the win. Unfortunately, second seeded Derek de Svastich ’06 came down with a severe stomach bug the night before the match and concurrently suffered from a pulled calf muscle. In no condition to play, de Svastich had to gracefully step aside to let teammate Dan Wagman ’06 fill his number two spot. Every player on the varsity ladder had to shift up one spot to compensate. Even at this distinct disadvantage, Andover still managed to end victoriously. Top seeded Elliot Beck ’05 paired off with a particularly strong opponent. Beck’s scrappy and swift play was not enough to oust his lanky challenger, losing in three fast paced games. Normally Beck is a relentless runner on court, but he was unable to keep up with his Loomis opponent on the court. Both Wagman and Dave Morse ’04 were able to pull off quick wins against their Loomis rivals. These wins added to the lead and helped the increasing PA score. Harry Goldstein ’05 experienced difficulty in his match, and lost in three games. Goldstein was unable to break into the game mentally, leaving more to be desired in his shot selection. His opponent had thus far been undefeated in the season. Goldstein added, “The match went so quickly that I didn’t have much time to reflect on how I could change my game during the match. It was an off day for me. Next time I’ll have everything under control.” Kirk Lepke ’04 had a tough time with his match up. He lost the first game, but fought back to win three straight games, winning his match 3-1. Henry Manice ’05 made an impressive showing, moving up two whole spots on the ladder, having won his challenge match the day before and because of de Svastich’s absence. His 3-2 win shows he will be a valuable asset to the team later in the season and in next years season. Greg Feldmann ’05 had an easy time of his Loomis opponent, making quick work to a 3-0 win and helping to secure a PA victory. Beck said afterwards, “Loomis this year has the strongest team they have ever had. Despite being worried at first that Derek was not playing, everyone on the team stepped their play up a notch and closed the gap.”