Cullen Announces Retirement As Chief Financial Officer

After 17 years of service at Phillips Academy, Chief Financial Officer Neil Cullen will retire at the end of the academic year. During his tenure, Mr. Cullen supervised the Academy’s endowment as it tripled from $162 million to more than $500 million and expanded the annual budget to over $70 million. He is also partially credited with the recent success of Campaign Andover, the largest fundraiser in private school history. Head of School Barbara Chase reflected on Mr. Cullen’s tenure, “During the last 17 years, Neil Cullen has been a superb financial steward and also a wise and steady counsel to the Head of School.” Mr. Cullen has equally positive remarks about his time at the Academy: “The school is among the best in the nation; my fellow faculty members are exceptionally talented and dedicated; the trustees willing invest their talents, time and money, the staff members believe in the school’s mission and offer the students and the faculty able and reliable support, and the students have the talent to take full advantage of all the school has to offer.” Mr. Cullen concluded, “We have been fortunate to have the resources to continue investing to assure a high quality of education for current students and those that attend the Academy in the future. I know of no better place in which to serve as a CFO.” The search for a new CFO is already in the works, with a committee of trustees and administrators scheduled to begin reviewing applications in October. They hope to have a replacement in by July. Despite losing Mr. Cullen, Mrs. Chase is confident that the school will be able to find a suitable candidate for the job. “It’s a wonderful job at a wonderful school, and I am certain that we will have strong candidates for the position,” she said. Mr. Cullen plans to enjoy his retirement by becoming involved in volunteer work, participating with the New England Classical Players and spending time with his children.