Athlete of the Week: Anne Riordan ’03

Any best, whether it is a best game or a best season, is a major accomplishment. Bests do not come around often, and when they do, it is reason to celebrate. Anne Riordan ’03, a three-year member of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse squad, had what Coach Kate Dolan described as “perhaps her best game at PA,” and thus certainly had a reason to celebrate. Riordan performed well in both the defensive and offensive ends, scoring four goals as well as stopping many Taft breakaways. “She used her quickness to get open on attack and her teammates were able to feed her the ball so she was able to score four goals,” Dolan said. “Defensively, she used her speed and endurance to thwart Taft’s fast breaks and she had a couple great runs where she caught a Taft player from behind. Anne has the speed and athleticism to be an excellent midfielder, and when she plays confidently and aggressively as she did on Saturday, she really distinguishes herself.” Riordan’s inspiration to start playing lacrosse came from her older sister. She recalled, “My sister played lacrosse through her high school career and college, and I used to pick up her old sticks and tag along with her when she would play wall ball and the like.” Riordan went on to say, “My sister went to Princeton and played lacrosse there. She’s been a role model for me my entire life, and her dedication to sports through college has always inspired me to push through.” Riordan also draws encouragement from those who support her in every game. “My mom is mine (and the team’s!) biggest fan. She comes to every game, no matter how far away it is. My brother, who now goes to Andover, is always there for me.” Riordan, who captained the Girls Cross Country team this year and holds the school record in the 50 yard hurdles, brings her speed onto the field. Commenting on the difference between the three sports, Riordan observed, “[Lacrosse] is a lot different; with track and cross country, you still have the big feeling of team but more in a training sense. You train with your team and fellow runners, but in races it really is mostly all racers for themselves, to do the best they can. In track and X-C, you can’t sub out. In lacrosse, you have to really bond with your team in order to be the most effective and successful team you can be. You all have to learn to play as a compact unit.” Riordan’s versatility on the field makes a useful weapon for the Blue this season. When asked what position she played, she replied, “I used to play attack, but lately I’ve been focusing on the defensive end. I also used to hate playing defense but it seems to be working out pretty well. I usually play at D-wing this year, but rotate around to attack during some point in the game.” A humble star, Riordan sees herself as only one part of the talented Andover team. “The team this year is awesome. We have the potential to go completely undefeated if we just put it all together. The spirit is good, and we have really managed to pull it together for a lot of the games this year. Also, Babs [Barbara Badman ’03] is a really good captain, and we have a lot of Seniors on the team. There’s a lot of leadership and a lot of potential in the underclassmen.” Said Badman of her teammate, “Anne’s versatility, speed and knowledge of the game make her a force to be reckoned with both offensively and defensively.” With plans to continue her lacrosse career for the Big Red at Cornell University next spring, Riordan’s future in lacrosse is looking bright. Her accumulated skill and outstanding running ability should be able to power her to many future victories.