Lady Blue Squash Nobles; Pulling Off Second Victory

Despite what the name may suggest, Noble & Greenough School always seems to be a very personal, very un-noble match. Nevertheless, the Girls’ Varsity Squash finally pulled off their second win of the season, finishing with a decisive score of six games to their measly one. The team continues to be in limbo, with Captain Emily O’Brien ’03 back in action just when Pam Risseeuw ’03 heads out because of medical problems. Slight adjustments to the ladder, including O’Brien at number two and Diana Grace ’05 up at one, and Phoebe Rockwood ’03 filling in at seven, may have been just what the Blue needed to find their groove. Rockwood experienced the only loss of the day, playing against an opponent she characterized as “hoppy.” Bunny-like footwork seemed to do the job, as Rockwood fell in three brief games. Julie Bramowitz ’03, playing at number six, enjoyed her first win since Brooks. She ended the afternoon with scores of 9-2, 9-6, 10-8. Cara Ruccolo ’05 played a very competitive match against the number five Nobles player, winning the first two games with a shaky 10-8 result. Finding herself an equally quick opponent for the first time in a while, Ruccolo ended up moving around the court as much as she forced the Nobles player to do the same. The third game was Ruccolo’s opportunity to drive the ball high and deep into the left corner of the court, an obvious weak spot for the other player. This tactic worked well, as the final score was a convincing 9-1. Skylar Washburn ’05 fought the longest battle of the day, coming off the court exhausted after five very tight games. Charlotte MacMillan ’05, O’Brien, and Grace all won in three games, leaving a memorable footprint on the skirts of the Nobles top three before the squad headed home. Wednesday, the team faces the perennially talented St. Paul’s. An optional practice this Saturday and some free time to hit around on Sunday before practice resumes on Monday will be a good opportunity for the team to master the lobs and return of serves necessary for them to step up their play to the next level.