Meredith Price Returns to PA’s Bulfinch Hall

Although still technically in retirement, former Phillips Academy Instructor in English Meredith Price has taken a one-term position as an interim teacher of a section of English 100. According to English Department Chair Jonathan Stableford ’63, no set plans exists for Mr. Price’s return to the Andover faculty though he was a beloved teacher. “Mr. Price is aboard for one class and just for the Winter term… I don’t plan to schedule him in regularly,” Mr. Stableford said. Mr. Price assures the Andover community, “If P.A. needs me and I can swing it, I’ll be there.” Students and faculty alike think highly of Mr. Price, whose 40-year career began in 1963. Although Mr. Price spent his time at Andover teaching many of the same English courses, even the students whom he taught in his last year did not feel that he was “worn out.” Other former teacher’s have come out of retirement to teach a class or two. Since each department’s need for new personnel fluctuates from year to year and from term to term, “it helps,” in the words of Mr. Stableford, “when there is someone as experienced as Mr. Price nearby to help out.” The recruitment of departed faculty for teaching jobs has become particularly prevalent in the Math Department, where students are constantly changing levels, thus creating unpredictable class sizes. Although Mr. Price is technically still in retirement and, therefore, not officially part of the permanent Andover faculty, it has been an enjoyable experience for students and faculty to have him teaching a class. As Mr. Stableford says, “It is great to see him in the Bulfinch halls again.”