With Strong Time Trials, Track Looks to Dartmouth

After the energy the Andover Boys’ Track Team expended at time trials, it is a wonder that the team could manage to take their exams the following week. The drive and intensity the team showed the in last year’s undefeated season, is clearly present in this years squad. As they cheered each other on during time trials conducted on December 6th returning distance runner Wes Howe commented, “I never really had doubts, but we definitely have proved that we are coming together as a team.” Urged on by teammates, Jack McCallum ’03 ran a 4:51 mile, setting the pace for what looks to be a promising season. McCallum, surprisingly lively after punishing himself on the track, remarked, “Wow, that felt good.” McCallum will be gearing up to run the two-mile with Chris Donais ’05 at the Dartmouth Relays. JJ Feigenbaum ’04, John Freker ’04, John Weigel ’05 and Dan Serna ’04 will all run the mile at Dartmouth, tomorrow. Chimaobi “George” Izeogu ’03, this year’s captain of the outdoor track team, pushed fellow distance runner and 1000 yard specialist Piotr Brzezinski ’03 in the thousand to a time of 2:37 for both runners. Brzezinski was able to edge Izeogu out by only fractions of a second. Both Izeago and Brzezinski will be running the two-mile relay (4 x 800) along with Josh Wolfe ’04 and Adam Kapor ’04. In the 600, returning for his third year of indoor track, Kapor ran fast, as he always seems to do. Unchallenged, and yet unfazed, Kapor finished his race in 1:23, a fast time that he hopes to improve on in the coming weeks. Kapor will also be running the straight 800 at the Dartmouth Relays. Wolfe did not run in the time trial, as he is taking some time off after a successful cross-country season and a race at the Foot Locker 2002 North-East Regional (an elite cross-country race). In addition to the 4×800 relay, Wolfe will be running in the “elite” mile run at Dartmouth. Wolfe looks forward to matching up with many of the regions top milers, including Harry Norton of Exeter. Though Norton took advantage of Wolfe’s poor performance at XC Interschols, Wolfe beat Norton the other two times the duo faced off in cross country. Wolfe knows, however, that track is a whole different ballgame. Sprinters O’Shea Galan ’04 and David Sheldon ’04 ran blazing-fast 50-yard times of 5.6 and 5.7, respectively, but neither could match post graduate Lee Rattigan ’03. Rattigan won the trial in 5.6. Sheldon also jumped 19’ 6” in the long jump, but did not participate in the 300-yard dash, an event in which he excels. Sheldon will have a busy track season, running two events and jumping in a third, but big things have been expected of David since his big frosh season two years ago. Gordon Hoople ’04 and Cotton Harold ’04 both ran quick 300-yard race, taking advantage of Sheldon’s absence to go one-two in the race. Captain Peter Chiu ’03 leaped 20’3”, a distance that could easily take first in a real dual meet, especially this early in the season. “Chiu’s leadership thus far in the season has propelled the boys to their current state. We know his guidance will help us along in the season,” said teammate Feigenbaum. Key shot putters Anwell Lanfranco ’04 and Uzoma Iheagwara ’04 were both nursing injuries at the time of the trial. Lanfranco threw for 44’11” last year, and Iheagwara tossed a 40-footer. Both athletes are expected to improve on their personal bests from last year and help Andover in on-coming meets. Lanfranco joins the runners as the lone thrower at Dartmouth. That select team of athletes will represent Andover this Saturday in the Dartmouth Relays, where they will square off against other high school teams from mainly the northeast, a few smaller colleges and even one or two Canadian teams. “The guys’ team looks very strong this year, and hopefully they’ll be able to keep up with the girls, who’ve been undefeated for the past two years,” says Courtney McBride ’03. “They appear to have great depth across the events.” The team awaits a test at Dartmouth and a solid dual meet season.