Commons Unable To Handle High-Energy Appliances

Along with cereal, milk, and huge mounds of bananas, long lines at Commons’ waffle machines have become a fixture of breakfast at Phillips Academy because the circuit breakers in Commons have become overloaded by high-energy appliance, according to Commons Location Nanager John Njenga. To prevent such a situation, Food Services allows a limited number of waffle makers to operate together at any given time. Additionally, during high-traffic lunch and dinner times, the appliances are not set out for student use. Though these measures have perturbed hungry students, there have been no recent power overloads in Commons because of high waffle iron use. A handful of students have recently taken the initiative to seek out Food Service Director Bob Noyes about the possibility of installing additional waffle machines to shorten the length of the lines that presently accompany the two units currently in service in Lower Right and Lower Left dining halls. In spite of several conversations with personnel at the Office of the Physical Plant, Mr. Njenga said that no renovations are currently planned that would allow Commons to offer more waffle irons to students. Limited electrical capabilities in Commons have complicated other functions held in the building as well. Exhibitors hoping to provide information to Andover students on their vacation and interim year programs at the annual Summer Opportunities Fair must indicate on the event’s application form their intent to use a power outlet, and must arrive well in advance of the opening as the sockets are handed out on a “first come, first serve” basis.