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Bango ’16 Outpaces Competition

Although Carmen Bango ’16 was the third Bib, she led the Nordic Skiing team across the finish line with a time of 26:08. Bango, a new Upper, came in first place for the second time this season among 47 other racers last Wednesday at Vermont Academy (VA) in Saxton Rivers, VT., beating runner up Tessa…

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Andover Struggles To Find Its Form

Andover Nordic paired up to compete in a relay ski race last week at Proctor Academy on Wednesday, January 21. In its third race of the season, the boys finished eighth out of 11 teams with a total of 55 points, and the girls finished fifth out of eight teams with 31 points. “[Proctor] was…

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Nordic Climbs Its Way Closer to Success

As Carmen Bango ’16 flew across the finish line at Holderness last Wednesday with a time of 13:03, it was evident to all racers and spectators that, despite the freezing weather, she was on fire. The new Upper led the pack of 95 skiers, beating runner-up Tessa Schrupp from St. Paul’s by a mere four…

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Andover Battles Mother Nature

Andover Nordic opened its season at Proctor Academy with a 5k classic skate against ten other schools on January 7. The team was eager to strap on its skis after the race was rescheduled from December 10 due to a lack of snowfall. Andover’s racers agreed that the team as a whole raced well, given…

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