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Andover Rowers Build Stamina During Preseason

Pulling a 200-pound boat loaded with eight people across 1,500 meters in just four and a half minutes requires a mixture of endurance, power, mental tenacity, and trust. From March 18 to March 20, Andover Crew carried out its preseason training to help develop these skills to win a coveted championship at the end of…

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B2 Clinches 0.8 Second Victory

Sprinting at a whopping 39 strokes per minute coming down the last 500 meters of its home course, Andover Boys Crew’s B1 glided past Boston College High School (BC High) to claim first place with a time of 4:43 minutes, edging out the rival boat by a margin of only one second on Saturday. Andover’s…

Boys Crew, Sports, Spring Sports

B1 Behind by Four Seconds

Battling a strong headwind and significant chop in the water, Andover’s B2 boat rowed to a narrow second place finish, just 1.8 seconds behind Salisbury’s first place boat and a full 50 seconds ahead of Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH). While Andover Boys Crew swept nearly all of the NMH boats in its race on Saturday,…

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