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Girls Lacrosse, Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Kennedy Everson ’21

Although Kennedy Everson ’21 is a Junior, she brings eight years of experience and a passion for the game to Andover Girls Lacrosse. Everson first started playing in first grade in her hometown of Montclair, N.J., as an attacker. In fifth grade Everson switched to goalie, a position she has remained in ever since. Everson…

Boys Lacrosse, Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Andrew Antonucci ’18

Andrew Antonucci ’18 shows promise for a successful final season as a member of Andover Boys Lacrosse. In addition to his speed and dexterity as a midfielder, Antonucci also poses a strong scoring threat in the attacking end. “Nooch has always been one of the team’s best players. His speed and elusiveness helps him dominate…

Girls Water Polo, Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Sveva Rosati ’19

Since joining Andover Girls Water Polo last year as a new Lower, Sveva Rosati ’19 has brought experience and a motivating passion for the game to the team dynamic. Rosati started playing water polo in sixth grade, and has since developed into a dedicated player with extensive knowledge of the game. Rosati’s teammates credit her…

Cycling, Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Anthony Minickiello ’20

After finishing second in his first triathlon in the eighth grade, Anthony Minickiello ’20, a two-year Lower from Swanzey, N.H., decided to join the cycling team at Andover. Minickiello, who is also a member of Boys Varsity Cross Country and Boys Varsity Swimming, has proven to be a vital asset to Andover Cycling, winning many…

Baseball, Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Jackson Emus ’19

Jackson Emus ’19 grew up in Massachusetts and loved the game of baseball from the first time he started playing. Although he played many sports growing up, including soccer and basketball, baseball is what he has always been most passionate about. Emus said, “After playing summer baseball when I was nine, I fell in love…

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