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Shen, Sun, Wang Lead  Second Annual hackNEHS
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Shen, Sun, Wang Lead Second Annual hackNEHS

Students from across New England gathered to participate in Hack New England High Schools (hackNEHS) in Burlington, Mass. last Saturday. HackNEHS, organized by Jocelyn Shen ’18, Kevin Sun ’18, and Andrew Wang ’18, gave students the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects related to technology and computer science. A hackathon is an event where teams…

The Good In Geek Day
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The Good In Geek Day

As students walked the paths on Monday, pajama and slipper clad, there was clear unity on campus. PajaMa-nday marked the first of five spirit days this week in preparation for the Andover/Exeter games on Saturday. Dressing up in costumes every day of the week not only promotes school spirit and supports our student athletes, but…

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