Kicking and Meme-ing

On October 12, at approximately 9:00 p.m., one of our own defied all odds and joined the ranks of the Twitter greats. Max Vale ’18 posted a meme referencing TV show “Parks and Recreation’s” famed “treat yo-self” day, garnering 42,000 retweets and 64,000 likes as of yesterday. By the time the behemoth @CommonWhiteGirl stole his…


Don’t Count Your Chickens

Let’s be honest; if there is one thing that can brighten up the exhaustion of the second week of Fall Term, it’s baby chickens. Did you see the way they dashed after their imprinted students? The way they fell asleep in someone’s cupped palms? They’re up there with the cutest things on the planet. As…

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Andover’s Alphabet

Another year, another autumn, another hoard of Juniors to roam the paths in congested droves. There are some parts of the start of the Andover school year that seem to repeat themselves each September as we lean into days defined by brisk mornings and sweltering afternoons. Another batch of awkward name games, another day student…


“Wait, Let Me Check the Blue Book”

Every Monday, the board of The Phillipian meets during study hours to hold our weekly editorial brainstorming session and discussion. The State of the Academy (SOTA) survey yielded intriguing and concerning data regarding student discipline, meaning there was considerable interest in discussing major offenses punishment on campus in this week’s editorial. Once we began our…


“Passing” on Comments

In an editorial published by The Phillipian on April 29, 2016 entitled “No Comment,” The Phillipian, vol. CXXXIX discussed the school’s policy of discluding comments in midterm reports during the Winter and Spring Terms for students who earn a three or above in the class. The previous board’s piece called for the “reimplementation of [midterm]…

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