Bye-Bye Black Friday

BEEP BEEP BEEP…BEEP beep beep… ding ding ding. That’s the sound a chip reader makes when it’s done scanning your credit card. In the future, I predict we’re going to be hearing less of that repetitive sound. Late November into December marks shopping season, and this year, recently released Adobe data shows shoppers’ increasing preference…


Survivors Are Not Your Political Pawns

NINE. THAT’S HOW many women in the state of Alabama have alleged that U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore made inappropriate advances toward them as teenagers and young adults. These advances range from acts of inappropriately flirting to sexual assault. Many women have come forward years later, with stories that seem credible, yet I’m not surprised…

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Crisis Without Management

In the midst of the emotionally charged debate between domestic political parties, we are overlooking one of the world’s most pressing issues. Several nations’ current policies and rhetorics on the global refugee crisis have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Many nations that pride themselves on maintaining a significant majority of the world’s political…


Another Battle For The Net

After spending a long day at Tokyo DisneySea with my family over Thanksgiving, I sank into bed, phone in hand, ready for my daily dose of memes from the “” forum “dankmemes.”As my finger tapped the Reddit icon, the application opened to reveal link after link from different subreddits with the same address: “” I…


Communication Without Competition

I have been blogging for seven years. What I love most about writing online is that my work and the work of others is immediately available to every person in the world. However, with the recent push to repeal net neutrality regulations, I might have to give up my passion. If you haven’t heard this buzzword…

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