Parent’s Weekend Student Recital

A cascade of brisk arpeggios punctuated by soaring notes rang throughout the Timken Room as Ariel Wang ’21 played “Three Concert Etudes No. 3” by Franz Liszt on the piano. The piece culminated with a progression of somber chords before sending the audience into a round of applause. “I heard someone else play [this piece]…


“Music of the Spheres”

Standing in a circular formation and filling the entire Cochran Chapel, members of the Academy Chorus and Fidelio Society sang in complete unison to “One Voice” by Ruth Moody. The piece began with a gentle melody, before Erik Glover ’19 joined in with steady guitar strums. The tune transitioned to a series of hums, before…


Academy Orchestras and Bands Showcase Mendelssohn to Mozart

The clear, crisp notes of a single flute echoed throughout the chapel, as other instruments chimed in, crescendoing into one magnificent melody. Filling the entire chapel with this tune, the Academy Symphony Orchestra treated audiences to “Symphony No. 5, Op. 107” by Felix Mendelssohn. Audience member Zack Peng ’21 said, “The piece by Mendelssohn was…

Look of the Week:  Taryn John-Lewis ’18 Embraces  Eccentricity from All Era
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Look of the Week: Taryn John-Lewis ’18 Embraces Eccentricity from All Era

Wearing a blue cheetah print top paired with a beige, paisley print silk scarf, Taryn John-Lewis ’18 completes her outfit with a pair of metallic gold shoes. These bold pieces exemplify John-Lewis’s eccentric mix of contemporary and vintage fashion. “If you talk to my friends they’ll say that I’m a really offbeat and eccentric person,…


Peabody r.ed Exhibit Entertains and Educates on Identity

Dozens of small, pointy-headed, and vaguely human-like characters made of red fabric and wire climb over various archaeological pieces in the lobby of the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. Their moveable limbs are bent into a variety of different positions, with figures hanging upside down from drawers and appearing to climb on top of…

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