Alumni Spotlight, Featured Posts, News / Jun 8, 2017 President Trump to Nominate Christopher Wray ’85 as Next FBI Director

President Trump will nominate Christopher Wray ’85 as next FBI Director.

Featured Posts, News / May 5, 2017 The Coolest Cats on Campus: Meet the Zaeders’ Furry Feline Family

Often seen roaming the Quads, Thayer Zaeder ’83’s cats have become a topic of discussion around campus.

Commentary, Featured Posts / May 5, 2017 Stressing the Importance of Support

This spring, flowers aren’t the only things growing in Andover — the additional stress students feel from AP exams and SAT tests is in full bloom.

Commentary, Featured Posts / Apr 29, 2017 A Midterm’s Night Reflection

The word “midterms” does not carry nearly as much weight as the word “finals,” perhaps, but for Andover students, midterms serve as a reminder: get on track or stay on track.

Boys Lacrosse, Featured Posts / Apr 29, 2017 Boys Lacrosse Suffers Injuries and Loss Against Trinity-Pawling

Early in the first quarter of its game on Wednesday, Andover Boys Lacrosse put pressure on Trinity-Pawling and played with high intensity, however Andover trailed by multiple goals throughout the game and was unable to close the gap.

Featured Posts, Girls Lacrosse / Apr 29, 2017 Girls Lacrosse Defeats NMH on Last-Second Goal

With just under a minute left in Andover Girls Lacrosse’s game against Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), Kelly McCarthy ’19 drove to the middle, rolled back to the left and fired the ball past the NMH goalie.

Video: Most-Recent

A video spotlight on Eliot Min ’19 and his beatboxing talents. Min has been beatboxing since 7th Grade, and currently beatboxes at Andover for the Yorkies and Keynotes.
(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

A quick glance at Andover’s Girls Water Polo team. Watch Big Blue’s impressive goalscoring and the goalkeeping skills of Emma Chatson ’18—all in 30 seconds!

(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

Stylish Seniors: Arts Commencement Issue
For the Spring Commencement Issue of The Phillipian, Arts will be running a spread on Seniors who have inspired their friends, made statements, or showcased a unique flair with their everyday fashion. We will draw from past Look of the Weeks on members of the Class of 2017, but we also want to hear from you! Nominate your most fashionable and stylish friends for them to be forever enshrined in this spread on the graduating class.
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What would you like to see in the Arts section?


Alumni Spotlight, Featured Posts, News

President Trump to Nominate Christopher Wray ’85 as Next FBI Director

President Trump will nominate Christopher Wray ’85 as next FBI Director. Following the dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey, the announcement came via Twitter on Wednesday, where Trump praised Wray as “a man of impeccable credentials.” After graduating Andover in 1985, Wray attended Yale University and Yale Law School. A familiar face in Washington and in the Department...



The Journey of Excellence

To me people believe that excellence is what we aim to achieve — something we can reach when we overcome incredible obstacles during our lifetimes. This supposition is false for many reasons. Excellence should not be viewed as the end goal; rather, excellence defines the journey. It is the motivation to succeed and not just...

World’s Toughest Job

few years ago, Mullen, an advertising agency, posted a “Director of Operations” job listing. This job required availability over 135 hours a week, knowledge in psychology, medicine, personal finance, culinary arts, and transportation, but no salary, no medical benefits, and no appreciation. About two billion people in the world have this job: a mother. Two...

Reasons to Vegan

Whenever I tell people on campus that I’m vegan, the common responses I get are either, “I thought about going vegan… but cheese!” or “Cool! I was vegetarian for a while but I fell out of it. Maybe I’ll go vegan one day!” I used to think that giving up cheese would be impossible too...



Ultimate Dominates Acton Boxborough

After securing both the Nespul Championship title and the Spirit of the Game Award, Andover faced Acton-Boxborough on Wednesday. The game was an opportunity for the younger and less-experienced players to have extra playing time. After winning the tournament, Andover  defeated Acton-Boxborough Ultimate 15-6, bringing the team’s overall record to 13-9. Isaiah Lee ’19 said,...
Girls Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse Suffers Two More Losses

With a player down on the field, Andover Girls Lacrosse tried hard to fend off Brooks during the final minute of its game on Wednesday. Despite its efforts, Andover lost with a final score of 18-7. On the Saturday before, Andover also conceded a 14-6 loss to Choate, bringing its overall season record to 6-8....


Andover’s inaugural drag show was held last Friday night in the Theatre Classroom as part of an Independent Project by Bennett Sherr ’17, Andi Cheng ’17, and Alma Sterling ’17.

Breaking the Binary: Andover Hosts First Annual Drag Show

Donning a long orange wig with a golden jacket and matching gold boots, Bennett Sherr ’17 squatted right up close to the front row audience members as he lip-synced to Britney Spears’s “Circus.” As the song escalated, Sherr peeled off his jacket and whipped it around his head, earning cheers from the crowd, before tossing...

‘Dracula’: A Night of Bloody Terrors

With one swift motion, Natalie Warren ’18 twisted out of the hold of Charlie Mayhew ’18, playing a threatening Count Dracula. Seizing the opportunity, Warren raised a crucifix above her head and violently thrusted her arms down to stab and kill Mayhew as a series of strobe lights flashed on and off to illuminate the...

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“Wait, Let Me Check the Blue Book”

Every Monday, the board of The Phillipian meets during study hours to hold our weekly editorial brainstorming session and discussion. The State of the Academy (SOTA) survey yielded intriguing and concerning data regarding student discipline, meaning there was considerable interest in discussing major offenses punishment on campus in this week’s editorial. Once we began our...

The Eighth Page

The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Teaching Fellow Feels Gratified and Complete as Both Educator and Person After Returning Home in Nice Car to Loving Family

After an exhausting day inspiring the nation’s most talented high schoolers to reach their utmost potential, sources confirmed that Georgios Luciano ’10, 22-year- old teaching fellow, returned home to his loving family of 4 in his BMW 3 Series Convertible feeling gratified and complete as both an educator and person. As he pulled into his...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Photo of The Week

The photo is printed in black and white. Three lacrosse players, two in light jerseys and one in a dark one, fill the foreground of the photograph. The player in the dark jerse y is in t he center of the f rame, about to fling the ball from his lacrosse stick, which he is...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Today is Not Opposite Day

Dear listener, As you might not have guessed from this week’s layout, today, the nineteenth of May, is not Opposite Day. Thus, nothing on this page does not adhere to the rules of Opposite Day. This is unequivocally the smar test issue we’ve ever made, and we’re very, ver y proud of it. We care...