Featured Posts, News / Apr 28, 2017 Author and Former Harvard Associate Professor, Dr. Daniel Goldhagen, Discusses Anti-Semitism for Holocaust Rememberence Day

The faint flicker of six candles lit the stage in Kemper Auditorium as Andover students conducted a candlelight ceremony to commemorate the Holocaust.

Featured Posts, News / Apr 28, 2017 Relay For Life Fosters Cancer Awareness and Celebrates Survivors

Footsteps around the Case Memorial Cage added a rhythmic baseline to the sounds of laughter and conversation last Saturday night at Relay for Life.

Featured Posts, News / Apr 28, 2017 Open To All: Islam On Campus

The third installment in a series about religion at Andover.

Featured Posts, News / Apr 22, 2017 Newsletter For The Week Of April 21, 2017

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Arts, Featured Posts / Apr 21, 2017 Dropping a Beat: Eliot Min ’19 Channels Individuality Through Beatboxing

With the feeling of butterflies in his stomach, Eliot Min ’19 stood anxiously offstage as his middle school talent show began around him.

Featured Posts, News / Apr 14, 2017 Student Astronomy Researchers Discover 126th Binary Asteroid

There were only 125 binary asteroids that had been found and identified by the world’s astronomers.

Video: Most-Recent

A video spotlight on Eliot Min ’19 and his beatboxing talents. Min has been beatboxing since 7th Grade, and currently beatboxes at Andover for the Yorkies and Keynotes.
(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

A quick glance at Andover’s Girls Water Polo team. Watch Big Blue’s impressive goalscoring and the goalkeeping skills of Emma Chatson ’18—all in 30 seconds!

(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

Stylish Seniors: Arts Commencement Issue
For the Spring Commencement Issue of The Phillipian, Arts will be running a spread on Seniors who have inspired their friends, made statements, or showcased a unique flair with their everyday fashion. We will draw from past Look of the Weeks on members of the Class of 2017, but we also want to hear from you! Nominate your most fashionable and stylish friends for them to be forever enshrined in this spread on the graduating class.
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Featured Posts, News

Author and Former Harvard Associate Professor, Dr. Daniel Goldhagen, Discusses Anti-Semitism for Holocaust Rememberence Day

The faint flicker of six candles lit the stage in Kemper Auditorium as Andover students conducted a candlelight ceremony to commemorate the Holocaust. Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, took place this past Sunday and Monday. The ceremony on Friday prefaced a talk by Dr. Daniel Goldhagen, former Harvard associate professor and author of “Hitler’s...



Comfort in Cleaning

I get home late, dreading the long night I know I have ahead of me. I dump the contents of my bag onto my unmade bed and toss my jacket onto a preexisting mountain of clothes on the floor. I sit down to start my homework at 9:00 p.m. I stare blankly at my computer...

Follow The Leader

h e very act of writing this article exposes my own hypocrisy. I write articles for Commentary because I like to write and to voice my thoughts on paper. But a small part of me is motivated to write this article because of a potential future leadership position. There constantly exists a tension between my...

Divided Airlines

  We live in a culture that destroyed the American dream with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the internment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans in World War II, the racial college acceptance quotas, and the “bamboo ceiling” of Fortune 500 companies. We live in a culture that encourages Asians to stay silent, to stay down, and...



Girls A Cycling Sweeps Competition

With finishing times only one second apart, Andover Girls A clinched 1st and 2nd at the team time trial in Loudon, N.H. This was Andover cycling’s first race this spring, showing the team’s promise for a successful season. Andover Boys A placed sixth and ninth, respectively. The race course was a wide, open circuit, of...

Softball Bounces Back With 22 Runs in Two Wins

Rachel Moore ’19 sent a ball rocketing over the left field fence and swiftly rounded the bases, scoring a run that boosted Andover Softball’s sizeable lead in its game against St. Paul’s on Wednesday. The team ultimately defeated St. Paul’s 12-2 in its third win of the season. Despite falling to Governor’s 14-2 last Friday,...

Homeruns Propel Boys to Two Wins

With Post-Graduate (PG) Matt Cerfolio ’17 and Joe Simourian ’18 on first and third base respectively, Travis Lane ’18 blasted a three-run homer at the bottom of the first. Lane’s homer propelled Andover to a 4-3 win over Bridgton last Saturday. On Wednesday, Andover defeated Tabor with a score 6-3, propelling Andover to an undefeated...

Victory in Season Opener

On their final hole of the match, third and fourth seeds Harry Choi ’19 and Yeetang Kwok ’20 stuck their approach shots within eight feet and proceeded to secure a pivotal team point. Several strong performances, including Choi’s and Kwok’s, helped Andover Golf secure an 8-4 win in its season opener over Tabor. In its...



Katelyn Wang ’18 Named Sony Youth Photographer of the Year

When reading about the Sony World Photography Awards competition, Katelyn Wang ’18 had never considered using her photos to compete. But after some convincing from her friend, she entered three photos. Less than two months later, Wang was named winner of the 2017 Youth competition, which attracted over 227,000 entries worldwide from photographers aged 12...

Beatboxing, “Breaking Bad,” and “Blonde”: A Capella Night Showcases Student Renditions of Pop Songs

Donning all-black outfits and matching glittery silver high heels, Northeastern University’s all-female a capella group Pitch, Please! blended rich harmony and beatboxing in their cover of “The Lion The Beast The Beat” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. The group’s harmonies gradually increased in volume and tone, building a sense of tension, until soloist Anna-Rose...

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Stay Realer than Your Rinsta

In an age where 52% of teenagers in the United States are on Instagram, according to Pew Research Center, our accounts have become bastions of superficiality, PhotoShopped under-eye circles and cloudless blue skies. Perhaps that’s why the “finsta” — fake instagram— trend is so alluring; it’s an opportunity to bare some awkward, authentic part of...

The Eighth Page

The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: The Week’s Top Headlines

Listen, They Told Us Not To Tell You This, But The State Of The Academy Isn’t Anonymous. If You’re Reading This, It May Already Be Too Late. We Have To Run Now; They’re Coming For Us, And They’re Coming For You Too. We’re Not Kidding. We Can’t Say Much More Here, It Isn’t Safe. —...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: A Letter to the Administration

Dear Andover Administration, Why did you take all the beautiful, old-fashioned tables and chairs in the Freeman Room and replace them with the least comfortable, tackiest things you could find? Why have you decorated the most elegant room on campus with items from the lounge of a galactic government’s headquarters in a low-budget ’70s science...
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Phillipian Satire: Haverford College Trying Hard to Look Like Extension of Harvard’s Booth

After multiple students report mass confusion near the Harvard booth at this past week’s college fair, allegations are being made against Haverford College, accusing the representatives of falsely advertising their booth. Students noted that Haverford College, a small liberal arts college located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, had been pulling students from the Harvard line...