Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: We’ve heard the criticism. A disorganized, baseless Memorial Day protest occurred this past week that was fueled largely by those who simply wished to cut class. Hopefully, by the end of this letter, frustrated members of the community can gain some understanding of what we tried to accomplish on Monday, May 25.

Memorial Day is a national holiday in the United States, designed to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces. Andover has lost 244 of its alumni in combat, and a myriad of other current students have family members and friends who are either serving or have served in the Armed Forces.

Frustrated by what we saw as a lack of recognition for this national holiday, multiple members of the Class of 2017 initiated a conversation on Facebook, and after receiving widespread support, decided to transition conversation into action.

We readily acknowledge that this protest was disorganized, and we regret the lack of communication between the student body and the faculty. To suggest that the morals behind this protest were faulty, however, is unempathetic.

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Corinne Singer ’15 Dresses Bicentennial Statue as a Bloody Tampon for Independent Project

On the afternoon of Memorial Day, Corinne Singer ’15 converted the Bicentennial Sculpture outside of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library into an installation resembling a bloody tampon by draping it in a large red sheet. The artwork was a part of her Third-Wave Feminist Independent Project (IP).

“I created this piece not as a scathing criticism of or an attack on Andover but as something that would generate a positive and empowering experience for all those who menstruate. Through my work, I aim to bring about menstrual consciousness and reclaim menstruation as powerful, beautiful and worthy of celebration,” said Singer.

Titled “Raise the Red Flag,” the installation was initially inspired by Judy Chicago’s photograph “Red Flag,” which Singer encountered last term while researching possible topics for her in IP topic.

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Fighting the Good Fight

I published an offensive cartoon last spring, two months into my tenure as Editor in Chief of The Phillipian, vol. CXXXVII.

Just weeks before printing the cartoon, The Phillipian published articles and commentary about race and diversity that were giving voice to beliefs that had far too long been unspoken. Brave, provocative and challenging conversations about diversity took hold of our campus, and significant changes in the way we operated as a community seemed to loom on the horizon. Yet in the process of presenting the variety of opinions in this discussion in our community newspaper, I failed to recognize the historical images of discrimination in a cartoon that accompanied a particularly sensitive article.

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Ravenne Nasser ’15 Breaks Single-Season Home Run Record

Captain Ravenne Nasser ’15 hit two home runs in Andover Softball’s doubleheader against Phillips Exeter Academy on Saturday to break the single-season home run record. In her final at-bat of her Andover career, the four-year Senior hit a high fastball over Exeter’s centerfield fence. This marked Nasser’s tenth home run this season, breaking the previous record of nine. Her first homerun of the day came in Andover’s first game against Exeter.

Head Coach Peter Drench said, “It set off a heartfelt celebration. [Nasser’s] teammates had been keeping track and knew it was the record-breaker. They met her at home plate with a warm and raucous embrace. This team hit a record number of homers. The long ball became part of their identity, and this was the perfect culmination to their season.”

Even Drench himself, who usually focuses on the overall team before individual players, could not suppress his excitement as he anticipated Nasser’s achievement.

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Nina Scott Leaves the Newsroom After 12 Years as The Phillipian’s Advisor

Nina Scott, Instructor in English, completed her tenure as the advisor to The Phillipian today after serving in the position for 12 years. Neil Fater, Advisor to The Phillipian, has taken the reigns of the paper and will be joined in the fall by Ada Fan, former Instructor in English at Andover, who will return to the school after ten years at Deerfield Academy. Fan will serve as an Advisor to The Phillipian and an Instructor in English.

“Nina was our mother down there in the newsroom — in the constant craziness of schoolwork, sports, friend drama and trying to publish a quality newspaper, she listened to us, gave us advice and supported us unquestioningly and unconditionally. She was always forgiving, calm and knew just what to say when I called her in tears at one in the morning. Her enthusiasm and belief in us always pushed us to do our best. She taught us how to make journalistic decisions and also how to be responsible people,” said Jamie Chen ’15, Editor in Chief of The Phillipian, vol. CXXXVII.

Former board members of The Phillipian recognize, in particular, Scott’s inspirational mentorship.

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