Ria’s Flick Picks: Love, Simon


A 17-year-old boy named Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) lives a normal suburban life, except he hasn’t told his family and friends that he’s gay. As he begins to fall for an anonymous gay boy online, he begins a scary yet heartwarming journey of finding self-acceptance and love.


This film was laced with multiple Hollywood cliches, but that doesn’t dissuade me from saying that it was very entertaining. The story is simple, including modest bits of humor. It also actively displays racial and characteristic diversity in its casting. If this was all it offered I would rate this movie mediocre at best, however the underlying plot also creates a story that is not shown on screen. With many past films about closeted gay kids, the writers choose to focus on the oppression and backlash of coming out (i.e. violent family member, bullying in school, lovers being torn apart, etc.). But what about the children whose parents and community are supportive? These kids definitely still have their own problems, and “Love, Simon” very eloquently conveys that.


Nick Robinson did a great job of conveying what I would think to be many of the struggles and situations that closeted teens face. I felt squeamish when he felt embarrassed and nervous as he talked with his family and friends, and even relieved and at ease when he would laugh. Was this a difficult role to play compared to other dramas? Not really. However, he still exceeded my expectations and delivered a very convincing performance.

Ria’s Rate:

Great plot and execution of story, but there was nothing too commendable about cinematography or directing.

Rating: 7/10

Apr 20, 2018