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The Eighth Page Presents: New Booth Cushions In Susie’s a Total Game Changer

Following the return from Winter Vacation, students found their beloved booths in Susie’s had been, to everyone’s surprise, reupholstered. Years of wear and tear and awkward public cuddling had worn down the classic blue exteriors to their grey foam cushions. The new cushions — a bold choice — are a vibrant royal blue.

The unanticipated upgrade, however, has been met by mixed opinions. Some students are still shocked that administrative powers even actually approved the project.

“I was shocked. It completely changed the atmosphere of the place. The color just isn’t right anymore, you know? It’s just not the same. Way too blue or something,” said Marcus Yang ’19.

Another critic of the reupholstery, Anna Kurt ’18,  likened the change to covering the well-trodden-in stairs in Paresky Commons with a gaudy, pink velvet carpet.

“Those cushions have aged like fine wine,” said Kurt. “You can buy your fancy new, colourful cushions, but you can’t buy time. This is just the start of the destruction of our long-standing school traditions.”

Other students felt it was a much needed revamp. “I’ve been peeling away the pleather on these booths since I got here. I’m so excited for some new material,” said Harrison Brown ’21. The decline in quality since the start of the academic year has been mainly attributed to Brown’s habit, which he seems to share with most of the Junior class.

At press time, Kurt was seen crying fondly over pictures of her old favorite space on campus.