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The Eighth Page Presents: Classifieds for the Lovelorn… Charlie Murphy

IMG_4639Staff Report | The Phillipian

Andover can be a lonely place, and it’s not always easy to meet new people. So every week, we highlight one real, actual student who is on this campus and looking for love (serious relationships only — we don’t advertise hookups). If interested in putting your name here, email

Some Facts About Me…

-Quirky |>_<|

-Christian Scientist

-Fun, but not too fun

-Pescatarian, but I don’t eat salmon

Film Student

What I’m Looking For…

-Rugby enthusiast

-Could pass as my sister, if necessary

-Would get along with my kids

-Sleeps at least eight hours a night

-Moderate academic interest

-Has bad eyesight, preferably can’t
really see without glasses on

Dealbreaker: Over 40 years old.

Something You Should Know About Me: I have a heart condition where I can’t feel love.


Jan 26, 2018