The Eighth Page


Jerry Browne

Jerry Browne has worked as a journalist in Syria, North Korea, and Turkey. He came to campus to praise the high standards of The Phillipian. Jerry wanted to make sure we all understood how lucky we are to have a Phillipian Board that is so committed to their incredibly important mission. He stressed the importance of censoring pesky satire sections and their unruly yet strikingly handsome editors.

Jerry currently has neither friends nor a job.


Kathy Demois

Kathy Demois is best known for her short story “Help, I’m Trapped in a Keyboard.” She has received numerous accolades, including the “It Would Take A Very Clever Primate To Do This” grant and the “I Read This In My Grownup Voice Inside My Head” award for nonfiction. Her speech was discussing the various ways to alert everyone in the room that you are a writer and therefore smarter and more pensive.

Kathy has accepted a job as a barista at Starbucks, calling it “this generation of writer’s version of Hemingway’s post-war Paris.”


Josh Turk

Josh Turk ’85 was the youngest billionaire of all time. Like most wealthy Andover alumni, he attributes his success to his senior elective here, Econ 501. His presentation was about how to flaunt your wealth over high school bullies and those who have rejected your affection.

Josh is now working an entry level job at TurboTax.