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Boys Lacrosse: Offensive Burst Leads to 20 Goals Against Pomfret

Jack Beare ’15 bolted past his defenders and ripped the ball into the far right corner of the net to extend Andover Boys Lacrosse’s lead in its game against Pomfret on Saturday. The team excelled in the game with quick passing, accurate shooting and great speed, as it finished with a decisive 20-9 win. On Wednesday, the team defeated Brooks in an 8-7 duel.
Head Coach Stephen Moreland said, “The last few games we’ve really started to solidify our identity as a team that plays well in transition. The boys scored some very pretty fast-break goals against Pomfret.”

Andover held a strong 9-4 lead entering the second half of the game. Then, just minutes into the third quarter, Ryder Garnsey ’15 shot a rocket into the left corner of the goal to put Andover ahead 10-4. Foster LeBoeuf ’15 and Whit Findlay ’16 continued the offensive momentum with goals of their own, while goalie Cyrus Scott ’15 protected the team’s lead with many crucial saves.

Scott said, “Against Pomfret, we didn’t really do anything new offensively. We did a great job of pushing transition and capitalizing on their mistakes defensively, once again showing how effective the offense can be when we’re playing the way we like to play.”
Leading 17-9 with three minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter, newcomer Will Murtagh ’18 assisted a goal to Rudd Fawcett ’18. Beare and Garnsey scored the remaining two goals to seal Andover Boys Lacrosse’s 11th straight win this season.

Moreland added, “We have large [Senior] and [Junior] classes on this year’s team, so heading into the season I knew that we would need outstanding Senior leadership to successfully bridge the age gap amongst the boys. I couldn’t be happier with the job our Senior class has done and how welcoming and supportive they have been of the young guys. Our Seniors are an incredible group of young men, and our Captain Tim Bulens [’15] is the best. It’s really gratifying to see how much everyone sincerely enjoys each others’ company.”

Post-Graduate Culver Du-quette ’15 said, “Our older guys have really bought into our group and it shows in the grit and attitude we have when we face adversity as a team. Having a team that can rely on one another and pick one another up is invaluable. We’re strong and play for the guys next to us. For me, there is nothing like taking the field with my 23 brothers. I mean sure, we have an immense amount of talent this year, but what makes this group great is how close we are. The family atmosphere perpetuates success.”

Duquette continued, “We’re a family on the field and we play for each other, and I believe this culminated with us putting up 20 goals against a solid team like Pomfret. It’s a credit to Coach Moreland bringing our offensive weapons together as a cohesive group. We’re moving the ball incredibly well and generating looks constantly. It’s a great feeling to come into a game knowing the ball will find the back of the net.”

Following its decisive win over the weekend, the team traveled to Brooks on Monday.
Moreland said, “Against Brooks, their character was really tested. We were coming off a terrific outing against Pomfret and couldn’t help looking ahead to our upcoming battles versus Choate and Exeter. We were also banged up and tired. The boys dug down deep though, and found it within themselves to grind out a win against a pesky Brooks squad.”

Leading 4-2 at halftime, Garnsey received an assist from Walker Huff ’17, and slung the ball deep into the goal within a few minutes of the third quarter to extend Andover’s lead to 7-5. LeBoeuf and Bulens both scored goals, while Jack MacWilliams ’15, Durham Abric ’16, Larson Tolo ’18 and Scott continued to defend well as a unit, stopping many strong shots from the Brooks offense.

Duquette said, “We’re absolutely loaded with offensive firepower this year. I think anyone who watches us sees the speed and flair that we play with. We have incredible talent, but at times, particularly early in the year, you saw a team that wasn’t playing up to their potential as a unit. The way we are playing right now, however, is totally different.”

“We work very hard in practice, even if we have a light day with no pads, everyone is giving their 100 percent effort. Coach Moreland knows how to gage us when we might need a rest day, and we feel like we’re not losing a day because we will come out flying when we return the next day. We play at full speed all the time, and it shows in how we exhaust our opposition. That speed is what sets us apart,” Duquette continued.

The team’s win over Brooks marked its 12th straight win in a row, improving its record to 14-1. The team will face Choate on Saturday in its penultimate game of the season.

May 15, 2015