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Captain’s Feature: Camille Price ’15 and Isabella Haegg ’16

After having their undefeated streak of nine doubles matches broken at Milton, Co-Captains Camille Price ’15 and Isabella Haegg ’16 helped Andover Girls Tennis rebound with a big team win at the de Villafranca Invitational Tennis Tournament at Kent last Saturday. Price won the second seed singles draw, and Haegg won the doubles draw with her partner Sewon Park ’17.

Haegg relishes the opportunity to step on the court and focus entirely on the game. “I’m on the whole mentality of being there, having fun, giving it your all and being able to leave behind whatever stresses you have at school. Just get out on the courts, play some music, hit some balls and feel good at the end of practice,” she said.
Haegg is praised by her team for the aggression that she delivers to each and every point. Head Coach Deborah Chase wrote in an email to The Phillipian that the best parts of Haegg’s play are her “intensity, spirit and serve.”

First seed Reagan Posorske ’17 said, “[Haegg] is more aggressive, which allows her to finish points more efficiently, so a lot of her matches are faster in a sense.”
Most captains are Seniors with lengthy tenures on their respective teams. Haegg, in her third year with the team, earned the respect of her peers and was voted Captain as an Upper. She has handled the stress of Upper year with some help from her coach.
“Coach [Chase] has helped me really prioritize what’s going on in my life outside of tennis, so I can then devote my time and lead the girls as a Captain. It’s definitely tough as an Upper to assume this leadership position, because it’s really tough to leave behind what you have going on to give it your all as Captain, but I’m trying my best to do that,” said Haegg.

Price brings a focused, serious approach to the game that complements Haegg’s leadership style. As a Senior, Price is a natural leader. Coach Chase said that she admires Price’s “determination, athleticism and volleys.”

Price has total faith in the team. She wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Our match schedule is demanding, and we are being physically pushed every day, but the girls are equipped to handle such physical stress.”

Haegg said, “[Price] is very serious and focused, and as a Captain, she emphasizes different technical things that we need to work on.”

Posorske added, “[Price] is a consistent player with a strong forehand, so she’s able to take advantage of people that way. She keeps her rallies long and is able to stay in the point for a while.”

The Co-Captains have helped the team bond. “I think that a lot of us knew each other from last year, and we did have some new players, but they were quickly adopted into our team. The whole team has just been really tight,” continued Posorske.

Price added, “Over the course of the past four years, this team has become another family to me. I am looking forward to a strong end to my ultimate season here in singles, with my doubles partner Reagan and with the team as a whole.”

With two matches and two New England Prep School Athletic Conference tournaments left on its schedule, Andover is looking to keep up the energy that has led it to its 9-1-0 record. No matter the result, however, Price and Haegg have dominated on the court and earned the praise and respect of the rest of the team.

Chase said, “I can count on [Price] and [Haegg] to do anything – run a practice, console a teammate after a loss, motivate a teammate to work harder or organize a team dinner – and do it well. They have been tremendous Captains all year, and I couldn’t have asked any more of them.”

Editor’s Note: Isabella Haegg ’16 is a Sports Editor for The Phillipian.

May 14, 2015