Featured Posts, News / May 5, 2017 The Coolest Cats on Campus: Meet the Zaeders’ Furry Feline Family

Often seen roaming the Quads, Thayer Zaeder ’83’s cats have become a topic of discussion around campus.

Commentary, Featured Posts / May 5, 2017 Stressing the Importance of Support

This spring, flowers aren’t the only things growing in Andover — the additional stress students feel from AP exams and SAT tests is in full bloom.

Commentary, Featured Posts / Apr 29, 2017 A Midterm’s Night Reflection

The word “midterms” does not carry nearly as much weight as the word “finals,” perhaps, but for Andover students, midterms serve as a reminder: get on track or stay on track.

Boys Lacrosse, Featured Posts / Apr 29, 2017 Boys Lacrosse Suffers Injuries and Loss Against Trinity-Pawling

Early in the first quarter of its game on Wednesday, Andover Boys Lacrosse put pressure on Trinity-Pawling and played with high intensity, however Andover trailed by multiple goals throughout the game and was unable to close the gap.

Featured Posts, Girls Lacrosse / Apr 29, 2017 Girls Lacrosse Defeats NMH on Last-Second Goal

With just under a minute left in Andover Girls Lacrosse’s game against Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), Kelly McCarthy ’19 drove to the middle, rolled back to the left and fired the ball past the NMH goalie.

Featured Posts, News / Apr 28, 2017 Author and Former Harvard Associate Professor, Dr. Daniel Goldhagen, Discusses Anti-Semitism for Holocaust Rememberence Day

The faint flicker of six candles lit the stage in Kemper Auditorium as Andover students conducted a candlelight ceremony to commemorate the Holocaust.

Video: Most-Recent

A video spotlight on Eliot Min ’19 and his beatboxing talents. Min has been beatboxing since 7th Grade, and currently beatboxes at Andover for the Yorkies and Keynotes.
(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

A quick glance at Andover’s Girls Water Polo team. Watch Big Blue’s impressive goalscoring and the goalkeeping skills of Emma Chatson ’18—all in 30 seconds!

(J.Wang/The Phillipian)

Stylish Seniors: Arts Commencement Issue
For the Spring Commencement Issue of The Phillipian, Arts will be running a spread on Seniors who have inspired their friends, made statements, or showcased a unique flair with their everyday fashion. We will draw from past Look of the Weeks on members of the Class of 2017, but we also want to hear from you! Nominate your most fashionable and stylish friends for them to be forever enshrined in this spread on the graduating class.
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What would you like to see in the Arts section?



ASM Features a Student-Faculty Talent Show

Standing-ovations followed emotional tributes performed by members of the Andover community, who showcased their wide variety of talents during this week’s All-School Meeting (ASM). The Chapel roared with laughter as the series of student and teacher acts, dances and musical performances entertained the audience for one of the last ASMs of the year. Two performances...



SOTA: Success In Offering Truthful Answers

For the first time since I had arrived on campus, I could not find a copy of the newspaper anywhere. Every single stand was empty, but I managed to scrounge up an abandoned copy from the Den. In that moment, I finally understood the anticipation revolving around the State of the Academy issue: it was...

Side Effects of Social Media

The 2017 State of the Academy (SOTA) statistics for students who feel body appearance insecurity “all the time” and spend less than an hour a day on social media is ten percent. The number of students who feel insecure all the time increases to 30 percent when looking at students who spend up to four...

More than Just a SOTA Issue

It’s no surprise to me that there has been very little discussion following the release of the State of the Academy. I filled out the survey, and I knew exactly what I wanted to look for in the published copy with all the data I needed to reevaluate our campus, but once it came out...



Softball Drops Two Games

Rachel Moore ’19 shot a ball to center field and made her way swiftly around the bases to earn a triple for Andover Softball in its game against Lawrence Academy last Friday. Despite Moore’s efforts, Andover ultimately fell 3-2. On Saturday, the team traveled to Deerfield, where it fell 6-4. The team’s record now stands...

Baseball Secures Four Wins Prior to Postseason Tournament

In its final four games prior to the postseason, Andover Baseball capped off its regular season with four straight wins in which the team only allowed one run combined. Andover victories included a 1-0 win over BB&N, a doubleheader sweep against Deerfield, and an 11-0 win against Tabor, bringing the team’s record to 13-2-1. On...



Muffins & All School Meeting: Sketchy Parodies Life at Andover

Slamming a table onto the ground, Candy Chan ’17, playing a “bad” PAPS officer, exploded into an angry tantrum in last Friday’s Sketchy Comedy Show. The sketch, titled “Good PAPS, Bad PAPS,” featured Rachna Lewis ’19 playing an innocent student being interrogated by a “good” PAPS officer, played by Jared Zuker ’18, and a “bad”...

ADG Highlights Memory & Tragedy In “Kommos”

Cast in a dim light and wearing a black, lace unitard, Alexa Goulas ’18 rolled on her back, tumbling into Sabrina Appleby ’17, dressed in a silky, red leotard, who sat with open arms in the center of the stage. As Samuel Barber’s “Piano Concerto Op. 38” died down to a soft melody, the dancers...

Dance Labs Director: Emily Jackson ’19

Walking timidly into the ballet studio, Emily Jackson ’19 waited quietly by herself. Feeling uncomfortable and nervous in the unfamiliar environment, Jackson watched as the other dancers streamed in and began to greet each other. Recognizing Jackson, Lizzie McGonagle ’16, co-head of Andover Dance Group (ADG) at the time, walked over and began to welcome...

Dance Open Director: Yishu Chen ’19

With a video of the moon landing projected as a backdrop, Yishu Chen ’19 excitedly struck her tap shoes with the rest of the members of Footnotes, kicking off her dance career at Andover as a member of Footnotes in her first Grasshopper performance. “My first memory [of dance at Andover] is Grasshopper where I...

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“Passing” on Comments

In an editorial published by The Phillipian on April 29, 2016 entitled “No Comment,” The Phillipian, vol. CXXXIX discussed the school’s policy of discluding comments in midterm reports during the Winter and Spring Terms for students who earn a three or above in the class. The previous board’s piece called for the “reimplementation of [midterm]...

The Eighth Page

The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Teaching Fellow Feels Gratified and Complete as Both Educator and Person After Returning Home in Nice Car to Loving Family

After an exhausting day inspiring the nation’s most talented high schoolers to reach their utmost potential, sources confirmed that Georgios Luciano ’10, 22-year- old teaching fellow, returned home to his loving family of 4 in his BMW 3 Series Convertible feeling gratified and complete as both an educator and person. As he pulled into his...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Photo of The Week

The photo is printed in black and white. Three lacrosse players, two in light jerseys and one in a dark one, fill the foreground of the photograph. The player in the dark jerse y is in t he center of the f rame, about to fling the ball from his lacrosse stick, which he is...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Today is Not Opposite Day

Dear listener, As you might not have guessed from this week’s layout, today, the nineteenth of May, is not Opposite Day. Thus, nothing on this page does not adhere to the rules of Opposite Day. This is unequivocally the smar test issue we’ve ever made, and we’re very, ver y proud of it. We care...