Featured Posts, News / Mar 25, 2017 Sam Bird ’18 and Eastlyn Frankel ’18 Elected Student Body Co-Presidents for 2017-2018 School Year

After months of collecting signatures, campaigning, and debating, the students’ votes have been cast and Sam Bird ’18 and Eastlyn Frankel ’18 have been elected Student Body Co-Presidents for the 2017-2018 school year.

Featured Posts, News / Feb 25, 2017 Open to All: Judaism at Andover

The first installment in a three-part series about religion at Andover.

Commentary, Featured Posts / Feb 24, 2017 Conquering the Great Wall of Representation

“The Great Wall,” a Hollywood blockbuster set in ancient China, was released last week, and Asian-Americans rejoiced at finally seeing their representation on the big screen.

Arts, Featured Posts / Feb 24, 2017 Choral Concert Showcases Broadway and Opera Music

As Nicole Mitchell, a guest opera singer, sang in a resonating voice, the Fidelio Society and the Academy Chorus, along with Jesse Nager, a guest singer on Broadway, responded with a unified, “make them hear you.

Arts, Featured Posts, Look of the Week / Feb 24, 2017 Look of the Week: Amadi Lasenberry ’17 Channels Chic Colors Through Style

Layering a royal blue dress on top of a bright yellow turtleneck sweater, Amadi Lasenberry ’17 completes her look with heeled maroon boots and sheer knee-high black socks.

Commentary, Featured Posts / Feb 17, 2017 Ableism Was Never Entertained

Last week, Anna Lopez ’19 and Sarika Rao ’19 published the article “Don’t Be an Audience to Ableism.

Video: Most-Recent

Co-President-Elects Sam Bird ’18 and Eastlyn Frankel ’18 present their platform prior to their election in a video interview with The Phillipian.

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News In Brief: March 24, 2017

Andover’s Marine Sciences Club competed in the Blue Lobster Bowl, advancing to the semifinals but eventually losing to Lexington’s A team, finishing eighth overall. The Blue Lobster Bowl is a regional competition for marine science. Teams from various schools participated in the event, which was held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Marine Sciences Club...

Food Packaging Event Aims to Break World Record

In an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for meal packaging, Mangai Sundaram ’19 and a team of student volunteers at Andover have organized a preliminary meal packaging event in May that will aim to assemble 11,000 meals in an hour. The event is designed as a test run before the official event next...

A Preview of Andover’s 240th Admitted Class

Thousands of students from around the globe waited with excitement and anticipation on March 10th, the day Andover releases their admissions decisions. This year, the school welcomed its 240th admitted class. With over 3,000 completed applications, Andover accepted only 13 percent of applicants for the 2017-2018 school year, marking the lowest acceptance rate in the...



The Reality of “Breaks”

I find it humorous that embedded in the term “Spring Break” is the word “break,” which usually indicates a hiatus of some sort. Frankly, the same goes for every “break” Andover students are given, including the time we get off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the coveted Summer Break. Sure, students are granted a brief escape from...

Skin Isn’t Shameful

Somehow, my skin manages to make me feel isolated. Since the age of 11, I’ve struggled with acne and continue to do so now, though to a lesser extent. While I’ve come a long way long way in terms of confidence about my skin, there are still complications that come with having acne that are...

A Broken System

Over Spring Break, I spent many days at the federal courthouse in my community where my mother serves as a federal judge. I was sitting face-to-face with a couple bringing civil charges against a veteran sergeant for the “unjustified” shooting and killing of their son, a claim based on an alleged violation of the Fourth...


Boys Crew, Girls Crew

Andover Rowers Build Stamina During Preseason

Pulling a 200-pound boat loaded with eight people across 1,500 meters in just four and a half minutes requires a mixture of endurance, power, mental tenacity, and trust. From March 18 to March 20, Andover Crew carried out its preseason training to help develop these skills to win a coveted championship at the end of...

Softball Preseason Focuses on Improvement and Preparation

Over Spring Vacation, Andover Softball traveled to Orlando, Fla. to prepare for its upcoming season by attending multiple practices and playing a total of eight games. The team worked diligently to ensure that it will be ready for the first pitch of the season. With a combination of all grades and many impactful newcomers as...



Chloe Lee ’17 Solo Highlights Academy Chamber Orchestra Concert

Beginning with slow strokes, the Academy Chamber Orchestra played the first movement of Johannes Brahms’ “Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77.” The melody swelled in volume and transformed into a sharp, suspenseful tone, before the orchestra slowly faded and violinist Chloe Lee ’17, a Senior Concerto winner, began her solo. With strong bow strokes,...

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More Than A Week

It’s that time of the year again: that certain, peculiar week when Lowers and Uppers just seem a little off. They might be wandering around the library searching for signatures or obsessively practicing their chants to perform before a crowd in Lower Right. They are crafting their political platforms, their applications, their audition dances. Yes,...

The Eighth Page

The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Teaching Fellow Whispers Happy Birthday to Self Alone in Faculty Apartment

Huddling over a Carvel ice cream cake in his dimly lit faculty apartment, 22-year-old math teaching fellow Markham Anderson was seen quietly singing happy birthday to himself last Tuesday, sources say. “One year older,” whispered Anderson before he croaked out the celebratory tune in tones of contemplation and melancholy, the only human in his sparsely...
The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Entirety of Mindfulness Expert’s Seminar Spent Discussing How Helpful Mindfulness Is

Speaking to a small group of students in the Rebecca Sykes Wellness Center last Tuesday as a part of Andover’s ongoing Mental Health and Balance presentation series, professional mindfulness leader and yoga master Lauren Sherrill gave a crash course introduction to the benefits of mindfulness while offering no specifics on where, when, or how one...